6 Dec 2016

The escapism of white nationalist literature

One key appeal of art is the opportunity it provides for escapism. Be it literature, film or video games, being able to consciously depart from the real world and enter another has long been one of the most attractive elements of any form of media. Unfortunately, in our modern age, no matter how fantastical an artistic work's story or setting, it is, in practically every case, still blighted by the same sicknesses that plagues our reality, namely political correctness and the propaganda of the white-genocide-enablers (or ‘genablers’, to coin a term).

Sadly, this means that engaging with contemporary art isn't really much of an escape at all anymore. Rather, it's just more of what repulses us in everyday life. Though certain books and films are, of course, far worse than others, almost every instance of modern entertainment is infected with this black propaganda to some degree, woven into its fabric either consciously or sub-consciously by its creator. This makes it incredibly difficult for anyone who is racially aware to fully enjoy any contemporary form of media, leading us instead to resort to making do with pre-PC works, or simply forgoing entertainment completely. While this, for the most part, isn't exactly a bad thing, given what trash most modern media is, even minus its genabling agitprop, I still feel it's still preferable to be able to kick back now and then, have some downtime and enjoy a good read or watch.

Luckily there is at least one avenue that allows us to do this with a clean conscience. That of white nationalist fiction.

Reading a good WN fiction book is like a breath of fresh air for any racially conscious white person. For once, blond-haired, blue-eyed white males are the good guys, not the eternal villains. For once there is no filthy race-mixing propaganda to put up with, no ridiculous "bad ass" women stereotypes beating up men with their pipe-cleaner arms, and no chance that you'll be called a "racist", "sexist" etc. with every subsequent page turn. In WN fiction, men are men, women are women, and whites are white. It's an exciting and revolutionary style: one that's written for us, rather than against us. And though its narratives are often highly fantastical, their characters' and principles' concordance with nature and reality mean they're still extremely relatable.

Unfortunately, while there some excellent examples of such novels, WN fiction is, by and large, a very unrepresented genre. Thus, having read all the extant books in which I have an interest, I had to create my own to experience another. Hence we have White Survival (and hopefully a sequel or two sometime down the line). I hope this book gives those who read it some of the joy that other entries in the library of WN fiction have given me.

Hope Lives Through Us
Stephen Christopher, 6th December 2016